Future Plans for Untold Stories

As the writing group develops and as I further develop the website and Facebook group, I hope to see several developments and initiatives that will add to the quality, scope and function of Untold Stories.

The regular monthly challenges will remain a key feature with the addition of short notice challenges mid-month. I hope that members feel able to submit links and their work for publication on the site and I will encourage feedback and discussion on issues that individuals need help and guidance with. I hope some of you will initiate discussion and ask away…

It would be great if we can help people connect, maybe finding a writing partner with whom to share your ideas and support each other along the way. Perhaps our more experienced members will put themselves forward to support someone less experienced?

I would like to keep the blog as relevant and as current as possible so therefore would welcome contributions and/or suggestions. Each week I will feature a member of Untold Stories so get in touch if you want to share your writing journey. You don’t have to be a published author, we would be interested to hear about you as a person and why you write. Send me a message. contact@untold-stories.world

At some stage it would be great if we, collectively, publish a book of short stories maybe for a charitable cause. Something I think is feasible and worthwhile.

When the Covid situation is resolved or at a stage when gatherings are safe again, I plan to organise an informal get together where we can meet and exchange ideas and suggestions.

As with any group, it will only be as successful as its participants and its facilitator. I will try to develop the group over time, to reflect our diverse community and hope that one or two of you might feel able to take on a more active role in the future. Until then, keep writing and join in.

Ian Hicken

Published by Ian

Music maker and story teller.

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