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In this blog post, I will list some of the resources I have found useful for my creative writing and pursuits over the past few years. The starting point for me was, my goal? I quickly moved from just storing my work on the PC to publishing my writing online, partly for a permanent record of my progress and development and partly to share what I had written with other people.

I do not doubt that the following list is not exhaustive and you are welcome to share the resources you have found useful in the comments below.

Word Processing:

A trusty notebook and pen – very useful for keeping track of ideas and thought. (I have 3 on the go)

Open Office, free download

Microsoft Word

Writing Tools:

Spell Checker:


Grammar check:

Software to organise your writing projects:


Ulysses (for Mac iPhone and iPad)

Online publishing: read more here:

Blogging platforms:

Cloud Storage: Many companies offer free cloud storage, sometimes this is offered with software or companies who are trying to build a client base.

More information here:

Whatever your goals are, I have found it is useful to store your work online for a couple of reasons.

  1. Hardware fails or change; although most data can be recovered it can be expensive to do so. If your hardware fails you can lose all data including your precious words. When you upgrade, it can be time-consuming and erratic transferring all your files to a new device, things are often missed or maybe in a different format and hard to read.
  2. Sharing your work; you might want to keep your writing private. Most online platforms have an option to do just that, keep it private or you could choose to select who you share it with or have it completely public and celebrate your writing. Most writers write because they have something to say.
  3. BACK IT UP, I cannot stress how important it is to back up your work, an online back up, at regular intervals is a life saver on that dreaded occasion when the power goes off or you lose your device…

Setting up an online presence is easier than you might think, most have either a free or paid option. There are numerous videos on Youtube and plenty of online help tutorials to help you if you are unfamiliar with the process.

If you have not already got somewhere to publish your work, give it a go, it is easier than you think. Don’t forget to add in the comments any resources you find useful.

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