Stories wanted

A great opportunity to be included in this interesting project. Contact Mariam Kasem for further details.

Mariam Kasem

Hi everyone! I’m a third year journalism student at Ryerson University in Canada and I’m writing an article about stories that commemorate this time in history for us during this pandemic. This is a time like no other and I am sure many people would like to look back and see what it was like. We are living in history as we speak. If you want to be a part of it, this is the perfect opportunity to share your story. I am asking for any stories you have that you could put in a time capsule and if someone looked back on this time, that story would encapsulate it pretty well. It could be a happy or sad or any type of story! The goal of my project is to combine people’s stories from all over and provide a glimpse into this time in history if you are looking back. It will be exciting, nostalgic, unique, etc. I also wish to get this published on news sites! If you have a story that you would like to share, either big or small, please let me know and we can set up an interview! Thank you! 

Here is my university site:



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