Writing Showcase

This month (March 2021) I am introducing an opportunity for members to showcase their writing by publishing longer stories than the monthly challenges permit or, poetry that falls outside of the brief. Also, you might have ideas for social commentary or journalistic articles that you want to showcase, all material will be considered including pieces written in your native language.

The showcase aims to provide a window into the writing of the author and encourage feedback in the form of constructive comments. It is difficult in any forum to have your hard work and ideas examined by strangers but we can only grow and develop our storytelling skills if we are open to critique and dialogue.

I invite either, already published or written works as well as new pieces or ideas that you might want feedback on. Ideally, the length should not exceed 3000 words but there is a possibility to serialise longer works if appropriate. With this in mind please drop me a message or comment below if you would like to be included.

Footnote: The picture used to promote this new feature is a wall mural in Oviedo, Asturias by Lidia Cao (Ordes – A Coruña). It is a tribute to the Asturian writer Dolores Medio on Calle Tenderina Alta, 51.

Dolores Medio by Lidia Cao

More about Dolores Medio here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolores_Medio

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