The Embroidered Flowers

A good friend of Untold Stories, Una Hosey, has put together a selection of her short stories and poems and published via the self-publishing route. Here you can read one of her stories and find a link to her book for purchase on Amazon. The Embroidered Flowers: A compendium of short stories and even shorter poems by Una A Hosey.

A short introduction from Una: Entering my sedentary phase I searched around my mind to find those things that would complement this time of my life.  I hit upon painting and writing, not necessarily in that order.  This latest book, The Embroidered Flowers, is a compilation of some short stories and poems I have penned over the past couple of years.  I combined the publishing of this book with my other love, art, and designed and painted the cover.  My lovely publisher, as always, was most helpful in all the process.  

I have found the ‘short story’ format to be one that I can readily embrace, the longer format of the novel too much for my feeble brain to grasp, thereby making it incomprehensible by the time I get to Chapter 5.  No, I am aware that time is now of the essence and therefore prefer my focus to be on short and sweet rather than complicated and clever.  I hope by embracing this format it could help to bring to reading, which in my opinion is life’s greatest joy, those people who have hitherto been restricted to the label on the sauce bottle, although this too has its merits.

Whether you have 3 minutes of 53 minutes there will be something in this book for you.

An extract from the book:

You Reap What You Sow

Una Hosey

Buy the book here: The Embroidered Flowers

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