May Zoom Meeting

We had our first Zoom meeting last night on Untold Stories. Thank you to Colin Lyne for organising it. It was really good to put some faces to names, and although we were few, it was a valuable opportunity to have a general discussion on the format and future of Untold Stories.

There was a consensus that it was very early days for the group and so far it had been welcomed and considered a worthy venture that should continue. There was a lot of discussion about the issue of feedback. Many contributors feel that we should, overtime, develop a more reliable system for providing feedback and comments but at the same time it was recognised that to formalise it at this stage might deter people from contributing. We agreed that we will pursue the newly introduced idea that each author who contributes a story based on the monthly challenges should try and provide comments and feedback to the following published story. With the author of the final story commenting on the first.

Of course, this is not exclusive and anyone and everyone shoud be encouraged to comment and provide feedback where possible. In addition, it has been proposed that stories will be published as they are submitted thereby spreading the reading time over the month thereby allowing more time for feedback. To spend time and effort writing a story deserves some feedback even if it just an acknowledgement that it has been read.

We touched briefly on the possibility of developing writing partnerships and I will investigate this further over the coming weeks.

It has always been my intention to encourage other members to contribute ideas and participate in setting the monthly challenges. With this in Mind, Colin Lyne has agreed to set the June challenges and Hester Lott the July challenges. If you want to be added to the list, please get in touch.

Colin has kindly agreed to organise a monthly Zoom meeting whilst recognising that time zones are an issue for some members. Further information will be published on our Facebook page in due course.

And finally, it was reiterated that any ideas or contributions are to be welcomed, either for the website, Facebook page or both. In the meantime please continue to write, submit your stories when you are ready, enjoy the process and being part of Untold Stories.

Ian Hicken

Published by Ian

Music maker and story teller.

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