Update – May

As we approach the fifth month of Untold Stories, I would like to provide all our members with an update on changes that will take place from June. I am aware that the current format i.e. posting all stories on one blog post, is cumbersome and unwieldy at times. Scrolling through the posts and comments to get to the right place is not always easy. With this in mind, from June, all stories will be published as individual blog posts. The post will be tagged with the author’s name, the challenge month and the challenge. This will enable anyone to search for a list of stories by a particular author, by the challenge or by the month of submission. Publishing individual blog posts will also make it far simpler to leave feedback and comments.

With this in mind, it would be helpful if, when submitting your next story, you can include a photograph of yourself to include in the post. If you do not want to be identified then so be it, you will have to trust me in finding a suitable photo for the front page.

I will probably reduce the number of other posts on the website apart from the occasional showcase or update.

ZOOM: We had our first Zoom meeting last month and albeit there were few it was useful to share ideas. Colin Lyne will be organising another ZOOM get together for June so watch this space or the Facebook page for details and join in if you can.

Commenting: The new system of authors providing feedback to the following story appears to be working well and May has seen an increase in the overall number of comments and feedback given. Stories are now being published as received, allowing greater flexibility and more time for reading.

Challenges: Colin Lyne will be setting the June Challenge and Hester Lott the July Challenge. If anyone else wants to contribute or has suggestions to improve the site or format, please get in touch via contact@untold-stories.world

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Music maker and story teller.

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