July Challenge

The challenges have been set by Hester Lott. This is not a competition. The writing prompts are designed to stimulate our imaginations and to nudge us all into writing more so that we can develop our writing/storytelling skills.

Your writing can be taken from real-life experiences, totally made up or, a mix of the two. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Interpret the prompts as you wish. You can write in English or your first language.

Challenge 1.


Challenge 2.

A cabin on the beach

Abstract and concrete. Something for everyone. 

What next?

Aim for 500-1000 words for each challenge unless your work is a poem, then the word count should reflect your style of poetry. Please keep to the limit of 1000 words, if possible, as this makes it easier for members to read more submissions. Stories will be published as received and as individual blog posts so if you want to include a photograph either of yourself or to illustrate your story (or both) please do.

You can read the full guidelines on the about page. I ask of those who submit a challenge commit to providing feedback to the next author once the stories are published at random on the website.

Published story 1. provides feedback for No.2, 2 for 3 etc and the final story for story No1. This does not preclude anyone from leaving additional feedback or comments. Please provide feedback or a comment on the leave a reply section found at the foot of the page and if you wish, copy and paste them on our Facebook page Untold Stories.

We all have different reasons for joining in this writing challenge. It would be great if we can publish some of your work here on the website. That way we can begin to share experiences and learn from each other. Listed below are some of your options once you have completed your challenge/s:

  1. Do nothing, just write, enjoy the experience and reflect on what you have achieved.
  2. Publish your writing on your site or blog but remember to send me the link to enable other members to read and comment on your efforts.
  3. If you do not have a blog or website, you can upload it to google documents (with a Google account) and send me the link so I can include it here (space permitting).
  4. Over time, you might want to develop a writing partnership with another member and exchange your efforts to provide mutual support and feedback, probably best achieved by joining in the chat over on our Facebook page.
  5. Send your piece to me by email, your writing as an attachment (preferably in Word or OpenOffice format) and I will try my best to publish it here for others to read.
  6. Submission: Stories will be published as and when received to allow comments and feedback. Please submit at the latest by Sunday, 27th June.

Please submit your writing to: contact@untold-stories.world

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Music maker and story teller.

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