ZOOM Meeting – July

We had our second Zoom meeting. Six participants this time, so a 50% increase on the first one! Jean (in France), Jacqueline (Galicia), Alex, Jeremy, Ian and Colin (all in Asturias). Great to see some more faces. We compared experiences of writing and discussed the current format of the group. The feeling is that it’s going well and doesn’t need any major changes. As usual, we talked of the need for feedback, but understand that this will probably settle into pattern with time. We proposed another Zoom for late August and then a physical meet up in Asturias in early Autumn.

We are aware that time zones are a difficulty for members on other continents and if there are any specific request, please drop us a message, and we will look at possible solutions.

Colin Lyne.

Feedback: One proposal put forward by Alex Mackenzie was to trial a traffic light system for feedback and constructive criticism. This would enable the contributing author to determine how much and what type of feedback, if any, they are looking for when submitting pieces for the monthly challenge.

It was recognised that contributing authors might not want feedback, and opening up their work to constructive criticism might put some members off. The following system has been proposed: i.e the writer would indicate what level of feedback they are looking for by using the framework detailed below, Red, Amber or Green.

Let us know what your thoughts are on implementing the above system, would it make a difference to you and the likelihood of contributing your writing? Reply below or send me a message via contact@untold-stories.world , or via our Facebook page

As ever, thank you to Colin for organising the Zoom meeting and to members everywhere, some of whom contribute regularly, whilst others enjoy the site and Facebook page from the sidelines. We hope that more member will contribute over time and that you continue you enjoy the many untold stories published or yet to come.

Ian Hicken

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Music maker and story teller.

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