Charlotte Blythe – Our Time

Time to go slow, to watch, to grow,
Time to re-access, to ‘think over’ to know.
To find a way of being, to go forward, to ‘be’
To stand still, to breathe.  Time to be free.
To run with the wind. Feel the sun on your face.
To rediscover, to create. Smell the roses, bake the cake.
Take your time, rest the body and the mind.
Hurry! Let’s go, time is running out!

Time that slows up in days of distress, stop all the clocks, magnify the grief, slow motion. 
Turning in water, floating in air. Walking through fog. Grey time.
 Fight or flight or ….cry. Heaps of tears, never ending, but do in time.
Time to reminisce, remember back to happy days, always sunny, playing in pools,
cowboys and Indians, hop scotch, Kia-ora lemonade.
Jam sandwiches, out all day. Times that would never end, but they did.
You grew up, in time.
Time of the first kiss…aukward but nice,
Time of the heartbreak. 
But, How fast the moments flee at times of joy. The passing of those dreaded exams, The first falling in love,
the deeper second, stretching every fibre of your being,
The wedding, the birth , the celebrations with friends and family. “ Remember that time when….”
The beginning of each decade. More optimistic than the ends of decades.
The time that you know the end will come. For you, for the loved one.
Time to say ‘Goodbye’ Au Revoir, See you.
But, in the meantime we laugh, We make plans for the future, things to enjoy, 
Places to go, people to see, Time, not watches and clocks.
I talk of days, of weeks, of months and years type time.
I talk of the time of your life.

Published by Ian

Music maker and story teller.

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