Jeremy Plumptre – The cabin on the beach

Ringo Starr: “I´d like to be under the sea in an octopus´garden in the shade.”                                       I´m from South Africa, and I have a little shack down on the beach on the west coast , where theContinue reading “Jeremy Plumptre – The cabin on the beach”

August Challenge

Your writing can be inspired by real-life experiences, fiction or, a mix of the two. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Interpret the prompts as you wish. You can write in English or your first language. Challenge 1. Colour: Use the prompt of colour or colours for the inspiration for a short story or poem. ChallengeContinue reading “August Challenge”

Alan Bilton – Innocence

With butterflies in her tummy, she perched on the long, green bench by the boardroom door. When a tall lady in a blue suit called her name, she rose sedately, determined to face the grilling with aplomb.   “Miss Cornwell, your contract to appear on Dingbat is ready for signature. Before you can sign, however, weContinue reading “Alan Bilton – Innocence”

Hester Lott – The cabin on the beach

I decided to buy the beach hut when Marney was eight. Very few of the traditional, brightly painted Victorian huts ever came on the market, so when I spotted one for sale in the Globe, and at a very reasonable price, I phoned the agent immediately.  I made an appointment to view it the nextContinue reading “Hester Lott – The cabin on the beach”

Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin

So, this is how it all ends. In my very own haunted house on the coast.  The wealthy have always loved understatement. “Wharf Cabin” is in fact a rambling nineteenth century affair. Like most of the houses here, it’s made of wood, so in that respect I suppose you could say that the millionaires ofContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin”

ZOOM Meeting – July

We had our second Zoom meeting. Six participants this time, so a 50% increase on the first one! Jean (in France), Jacqueline (Galicia), Alex, Jeremy, Ian and Colin (all in Asturias). Great to see some more faces. We compared experiences of writing and discussed the current format of the group. The feeling is that it’sContinue reading “ZOOM Meeting – July”

Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach

I do no harm. I simply want to be. I mind my own business and always look out to the sea. My gaze is fixed towards the waves, rolling in and out, close and closer. I can lose myself in their rhythm. Sometimes, at spring tides, the water’s greedy fingers reach out all the wayContinue reading “Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach”

Ian Hicken – Lot 236

The venue was the conference room at the Palace Hotel. Regimented rows of chairs formed blocks of seating on either side of the room. A wide aisle led to a rostrum emblazoned in stylish, royal blue lettering; ‘Arnold and Pryce Auctioneers’. The room was filling up fast. Some chose to stand to the sides, clutchingContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Lot 236”

Jacqueline Vincent – Auntie’s Legacy

“It’s fine, auntie won’t know and anyhow, what’s the point of having a beach-hut if we can’t use it?” said Libby, rummaging in her enormous bag. The one mum and dad brought back from their trip to Acapulco. A lurid green and yellow stripe with a pink umbrella printed on the front.“But, Libby. Suppose sheContinue reading “Jacqueline Vincent – Auntie’s Legacy”

Mick Plumptre – The pigeon that came to tea

THE PIGEON THAT CAME TO TEA The sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might .He did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright. And this was not at all odd as it was the middle of a hot sunny afternoon. My brother, myself and our skipper Mike DoddContinue reading “Mick Plumptre – The pigeon that came to tea”

July Challenge

The challenges have been set by Hester Lott. This is not a competition. The writing prompts are designed to stimulate our imaginations and to nudge us all into writing more so that we can develop our writing/storytelling skills. Your writing can be taken from real-life experiences, totally made up or, a mix of the two.Continue reading “July Challenge”

Jeremy Peter Plumptre – Fear

Quantum mechanics. Subatomic particles: the infinitesimally small building blocks of the Universe. They are in everything. We are made up of them. Quantum mechanics tells us particles go around in pairs. One particle spins up, the other spins down. One spins clockwise, the other spins anti-clockwise. They appear in two different places at the same time. TheyContinue reading “Jeremy Peter Plumptre – Fear”