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Stories wanted

A great opportunity to be included in this interesting project. Contact Mariam Kasem for further details. Hi everyone! I’m a third year journalism student at Ryerson University in Canada and I’m writing an article about stories that commemorate this time in history for us during this pandemic. This is a time like no other andContinue reading “Stories wanted”

Introducing: Gisela Gibbon

Becoming a writer: The Journey of ‘By The Icehawk’s Feather’ by Gisela Gibbon. You go for a walk, read some article somewhere, talk about the mysteries of life with your friends or family, and an idea begins to form – what if? What would happen if this happened or that, to someone, to me, toContinue reading “Introducing: Gisela Gibbon”

From the heart – February

Part 1. of submissions for the February writing challenge: From the heart, someone or something you are passionate about. I am posting the submissions in group`s of up to 15 (in no particular order) to aid reading and review. I hope you enjoy them. If possible it would be useful if you could read someContinue reading “From the heart – February”

Introducing: Ann Pearce

Introducing another of our members, Ann Pearce who discovered a hoard of beautiful and poignant poetry by her late father. In 2006 my father moved from Essex to Sale in Cheshire in order to be near the family.   Needing constant care he finally agreed to be nearer to us all.  During the packing ofContinue reading “Introducing: Ann Pearce”

Resources for writers

In this blog post, I will list some of the resources I have found useful for my creative writing and pursuits over the past few years. The starting point for me was, my goal? I quickly moved from just storing my work on the PC to publishing my writing online, partly for a permanent recordContinue reading “Resources for writers”

February Challenge

Welcome to the first month of writing challenges. The response has been great and I have taken this into account and have decided to issue three challenges to reflect the diverse membership and abilities of the participants. You are at liberty to accept one, two or all three of the challenges depending on your timeContinue reading “February Challenge”


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