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August Challenge

Your writing can be inspired by real-life experiences, fiction or, a mix of the two. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Interpret the prompts as you wish. You can write in English or your first language. Challenge 1. Colour: Use the prompt of colour or colours for the inspiration for a short story or poem. ChallengeContinue reading “August Challenge”

Alan Bilton – Innocence

With butterflies in her tummy, she perched on the long, green bench by the boardroom door. When a tall lady in a blue suit called her name, she rose sedately, determined to face the grilling with aplomb.   “Miss Cornwell, your contract to appear on Dingbat is ready for signature. Before you can sign, however, weContinue reading “Alan Bilton – Innocence”

Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin

So, this is how it all ends. In my very own haunted house on the coast.  The wealthy have always loved understatement. “Wharf Cabin” is in fact a rambling nineteenth century affair. Like most of the houses here, it’s made of wood, so in that respect I suppose you could say that the millionaires ofContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin”

ZOOM Meeting – July

We had our second Zoom meeting. Six participants this time, so a 50% increase on the first one! Jean (in France), Jacqueline (Galicia), Alex, Jeremy, Ian and Colin (all in Asturias). Great to see some more faces. We compared experiences of writing and discussed the current format of the group. The feeling is that it’sContinue reading “ZOOM Meeting – July”

Ian Hicken – Lot 236

The venue was the conference room at the Palace Hotel. Regimented rows of chairs formed blocks of seating on either side of the room. A wide aisle led to a rostrum emblazoned in stylish, royal blue lettering; ‘Arnold and Pryce Auctioneers’. The room was filling up fast. Some chose to stand to the sides, clutchingContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Lot 236”


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