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May Challenge Submissions

Please find below the submissions in response to the May writing challenges: 1. Live the life you love and love the life you live 2. Back to nature Stories will be published as received throughout the month. Please provide feedback and/or comments to the author in the leave a reply form at the foot ofContinue reading “May Challenge Submissions”

May Zoom Meeting

We had our first Zoom meeting last night on Untold Stories. Thank you to Colin Lyne for organising it. It was really good to put some faces to names, and although we were few, it was a valuable opportunity to have a general discussion on the format and future of Untold Stories. There was aContinue reading “May Zoom Meeting”

May Challenge

Welcome to the May writing challenge. This is not a competition. The writing prompts are designed to stimulate our imaginations and to nudge us all into writing more so that we can develop our writing/storytelling skills. Your writing can be taken from real-life experiences, totally made up or, a mix of the two. There areContinue reading “May Challenge”

April Freestyle Submissions

Submissions from the April Freestyle 2021 challenge: I hope you enjoy them. If possible it would be useful if you could read the submissions, provide constructive feedback to the author and make any general comments over on our Facebook page or if you comment below, please tag the author and title. Jeni Martinez – Beginner’s MindContinue reading “April Freestyle Submissions”

The Embroidered Flowers

A good friend of Untold Stories, Una Hosey, has put together a selection of her short stories and poems and published via the self-publishing route. Here you can read one of her stories and find a link to her book for purchase on Amazon. The Embroidered Flowers: A compendium of short stories and even shorterContinue reading “The Embroidered Flowers”

What is a short story?

This month I am delighted to announce that Bridget Whelan has given me permission to reproduce some of her articles and blog posts here on Untold Stories. Bridget and I have been in contact for a number of years through social media but like so many in similar situations, we have never met, but I hope toContinue reading “What is a short story?”

April Freestyle Challenge

The challenge this month will be freestyle. In other words, write 500-1000 words in any style and without the restriction of a writing prompt from Untold Stories. Those who participated in the recent Friday flash fiction challenge to write an opening line to a story, might want to consider using their contribution as their veryContinue reading “April Freestyle Challenge”


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