Colin Lyne – Red House

A trail of white smoke floats up from the chimney of the Red House and, just above the tallest of the eucalyptus trees in the valley, forms a thin, almost motionless, cloud. It’s only four o’clock but the pale sun is already hiding below the hill opposite the house. In the corner of the vegetableContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Red House”

Manfred Steinig – The truth of the matter

Frank and Fiona met during the Corona lockdown. How could that happen, since everybody was supposed to hunker down in their homes? It was by no means illegal. They both owned a dog and they were allowed to walk them. If they had had a cat, they might never have met, but dogs just cannotContinue reading “Manfred Steinig – The truth of the matter”

Alan Bilton – In the pink

April had finally arrived and with it grey skies and a white hoar frost that didn’t disappear till mid-morning. Yet the river beckoned. So suitably dressed, I made my way down Pixon Lane to my favourite spot below the Iron Bridge. By midday, a patch of blue sky was allowing a watery sun to illuminateContinue reading “Alan Bilton – In the pink”

Ian Hicken – Iris, eyes and ayes

Siblings Pauline, Patricia, Pam, Peter and Lance sat in silence around the kitchen table. Peter pulled at his expandable gold coloured watch strap, twanging it gently on his wrist. Lance kept his gaze firmly on the dripping tap as it plopped endlessly into a cup of ever weakening cold tea left in the sink. PamContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Iris, eyes and ayes”

Charlotte Blythe – A chat with Little Fawn

“WE are colour” she said. “We are every colour that you have ever seen and many that you have not. We are pastel shades, and gem hues. We are bright and clear colours. We are dark and cloudy. We are prisms. Sparkling in the sun and reflecting in the cool of the moonlight. All ofContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – A chat with Little Fawn”

August Challenge

Your writing can be inspired by real-life experiences, fiction or, a mix of the two. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Interpret the prompts as you wish. You can write in English or your first language. Challenge 1. Colour: Use the prompt of colour or colours for the inspiration for a short story or poem. ChallengeContinue reading “August Challenge”