ZOOM Meeting – July

We had our second Zoom meeting. Six participants this time, so a 50% increase on the first one! Jean (in France), Jacqueline (Galicia), Alex, Jeremy, Ian and Colin (all in Asturias). Great to see some more faces. We compared experiences of writing and discussed the current format of the group. The feeling is that it’sContinue reading “ZOOM Meeting – July”

May Challenge Submissions

Please find below the submissions in response to the May writing challenges: 1. Live the life you love and love the life you live 2. Back to nature Stories will be published as received throughout the month. Please provide feedback and/or comments to the author in the leave a reply form at the foot ofContinue reading “May Challenge Submissions”

A guide for giving and receiving feedback

Giving feedback When we read a short story or article, in most cases, we have an expectation. We want to be informed, maybe escape into another world, made to think and feel and, be entertained. We want to be left with a feeling of satisfaction and curiosity, wanting more. We all enjoy different styles ofContinue reading “A guide for giving and receiving feedback”