Colin Lyne – Rabbits

Colin Lyne: I first arrived in Gijón on an ALSA coach. That was many years ago. I’d never heard of Gijón or Asturias before the previous week.  My first impression was not favourable. It was a Saturday afternoon and I wandered around, rucksack on my back, wondering how the heck I’d ended up in aContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Rabbits”

Writing Showcase

This month (March 2021) I am introducing an opportunity for members to showcase their writing by publishing longer stories than the monthly challenges permit or, poetry that falls outside of the brief. Also, you might have ideas for social commentary or journalistic articles that you want to showcase, all material will be considered including piecesContinue reading “Writing Showcase”

Future Plans for Untold Stories

As the writing group develops and as I further develop the website and Facebook group, I hope to see several developments and initiatives that will add to the quality, scope and function of Untold Stories. The regular monthly challenges will remain a key feature with the addition of short notice challenges mid-month. I hope thatContinue reading “Future Plans for Untold Stories”

Welcome to Untold Stories

You have probably landed here via the Facebook Group – Untold Stories. My name is Ian Hicken. I have always written since I was a young boy when I would write and perform plays for my family and friends at gatherings and on special occasions. I enjoyed English literature at school and continued writing throughoutContinue reading “Welcome to Untold Stories”