Jeremy Peter Plumptre – Fear

Quantum mechanics. Subatomic particles: the infinitesimally small building blocks of the Universe. They are in everything. We are made up of them. Quantum mechanics tells us particles go around in pairs. One particle spins up, the other spins down. One spins clockwise, the other spins anti-clockwise. They appear in two different places at the same time. TheyContinue reading “Jeremy Peter Plumptre – Fear”

Lucy May Orange – Cinderella’s Shoes

Cinderella’s Shoes I stood in front of the mirror, analysing my outfit. The buzz of cheap, pre-drink wine dulled the feelings of self-conscious doubt, to the point that I actually felt good about my reflection. Like Cinderella waiting for the ball, I had waited such a long time for a night out with the girls,Continue reading “Lucy May Orange – Cinderella’s Shoes”

Manfred Steinig – Meine Geschichte

I’d like to submit a story for the June challenge about shoes. So far all stories have been submitted in English, but we were encouraged to use other languages too. So this one is in German. Supposedly, the number of untold stories members who can read it is small. However, with a click on the GoogleContinue reading “Manfred Steinig – Meine Geschichte”

Jean Faugier – Wedding Shoes

“Look, stop messing about and being such a drama queen and try on the bloody dress”. This instruction came from Jackie, my Maid of Honour.  What a totally stupid title, I thought, especially for her.  Any honour she had was long gone, consigned as it was behind the bike sheds in exchange for a fag… Continue reading “Jean Faugier – Wedding Shoes”

Ian Hicken – Ghosts and Ghouls

A Distant Goodnight The stage was empty, the curtains closed and the props neatly stacked. All but the dressing room and the back stairs were in darkness and shadows. Most of the actors and stage hands had left soon after taking off costumes and tidying sets. Betty, just back from a week’s holiday and justContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Ghosts and Ghouls”

Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration

I’ve heard about women who hide new shoes from their husbands. A friend of mine makes it an ingenious habit and calls this behaviour her one little flaw. She shows off expensive designer products, bought by the uncontrollable desire of a whim. Pretty, impractical fashion choices, often regretted as soon as unwrapped back home andContinue reading “Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration”

Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard

Joel first noticed it Monday on his way home from school. He’d been kicking lumps of concrete along the weed choked path behind the shops, and muttering dark retributions under his breath. ‘It wasn’t my fault. I was chucking it into the bin. How could I know Miss Evans would walk in at that moment.’Continue reading “Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard”

Charlotte Blythe – Silk ribbons and pink satin

The wad of lambs wool was still slightly oily, rancid smelling and fibrous as I ran it through my fingers. The buffer between flesh, bone and wood. This was the toe bloc, carved as an oval to support the toes.  The midsole or shank was hard and ran the length of the shoe. Designed toContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – Silk ribbons and pink satin”