A guide for giving and receiving feedback

Giving feedback When we read a short story or article, in most cases, we have an expectation. We want to be informed, maybe escape into another world, made to think and feel and, be entertained. We want to be left with a feeling of satisfaction and curiosity, wanting more. We all enjoy different styles ofContinue reading “A guide for giving and receiving feedback”

The Embroidered Flowers

A good friend of Untold Stories, Una Hosey, has put together a selection of her short stories and poems and published via the self-publishing route. Here you can read one of her stories and find a link to her book for purchase on Amazon. The Embroidered Flowers: A compendium of short stories and even shorterContinue reading “The Embroidered Flowers”

What is a short story?

This month I am delighted to announce that Bridget Whelan has given me permission to reproduce some of her articles and blog posts here on Untold Stories. Bridget and I have been in contact for a number of years through social media but like so many in similar situations, we have never met, but I hope toContinue reading “What is a short story?”

Colin Lyne – Rabbits

Colin Lyne: I first arrived in Gijón on an ALSA coach. That was many years ago. I’d never heard of Gijón or Asturias before the previous week.  My first impression was not favourable. It was a Saturday afternoon and I wandered around, rucksack on my back, wondering how the heck I’d ended up in aContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Rabbits”

Introducing – Rebecca Audrey Johnson

In this blog post Rebecca Johnson describes her personal journey of becoming a novelist. How I became a novelist. Fiction writing happened to me quite unexpectedly. I’d been a total bookworm as a child and practised the art of writing in various forms throughout my life. But my career in languages had funnelled me towardsContinue reading “Introducing – Rebecca Audrey Johnson”

Introducing: Gisela Gibbon

Becoming a writer: The Journey of ‘By The Icehawk’s Feather’ by Gisela Gibbon. You go for a walk, read some article somewhere, talk about the mysteries of life with your friends or family, and an idea begins to form – what if? What would happen if this happened or that, to someone, to me, toContinue reading “Introducing: Gisela Gibbon”