A guide for giving and receiving feedback

Giving feedback When we read a short story or article, in most cases, we have an expectation. We want to be informed, maybe escape into another world, made to think and feel and, be entertained. We want to be left with a feeling of satisfaction and curiosity, wanting more. We all enjoy different styles ofContinue reading “A guide for giving and receiving feedback”

Editors – the what, how and why?

http://www.alexmackenzie.uk This week, Alex Mackenzie, a British copyeditor and proofreader living in Asturias, writes part one of an insight into the what, how and why of an Editor’s role. Check back for part two next week. Part one: Can somebody please explain the different degrees of editing?   It is confusing, and there’s a lot ofContinue reading “Editors – the what, how and why?”

Resources for writers

In this blog post, I will list some of the resources I have found useful for my creative writing and pursuits over the past few years. The starting point for me was, my goal? I quickly moved from just storing my work on the PC to publishing my writing online, partly for a permanent recordContinue reading “Resources for writers”