Colin Lyne – The Philosophers

Thirty years is a long time. Maybe not in terms of the movements of the planets. But for those of us going about our daily business down here, it’s quite a chunk of any of our lives.  Well, it’s been thirty years since I last had a drink at the “Blue’s Bar”.  The “Blue’s” isContinue reading “Colin Lyne – The Philosophers”

Alan Bilton – Diddums

Your (sic) not singing, your not singing, Your not singing anymore… Your not singing anymore. After trailing for most of the match, Peterborough United had scored twice in ten minutes. At one end there was complete silence. At the other, the singing continued till the final whistle and as they streamed out, the Posh fansContinue reading “Alan Bilton – Diddums”

Britta Benson – About time / The phonecall

About time Time makes a strange bed fellow and the most fickle of companions. How is it even possible that we’re in September 2021, when my heart and soul are still not so patiently waiting for spring 2020, my fiftieth birthday? Did I blink? Did I miss something? Thunderstorms are in the offing this morning.Continue reading “Britta Benson – About time / The phonecall”

Charlotte Blythe – Our Time

Time to go slow, to watch, to grow,Time to re-access, to ‘think over’ to know.To find a way of being, to go forward, to ‘be’To stand still, to breathe.  Time to be free.To run with the wind. Feel the sun on your face.To rediscover, to create. Smell the roses, bake the cake.Take your time, rest theContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – Our Time”

September Challenge

Your writing can be inspired by real-life experiences, fiction or, a mix of the two. There are no rules, no right or wrong. Interpret the prompts as you wish. You can write in English or your first language. Challenge 1. Time: A story or poem that involves time – in any construct. Challenge 2. The phone call: AContinue reading “September Challenge”