Ian Hicken – Breaking rules?

In this showcase I want to feature three of my own short pieces of writing. In a world where the ratio of commercially successful writers to that of hobby writers is insignificant, and where convention is increasingly being challenged, I like to experiment with my writing. I like to push the boundaries and experiment withContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Breaking rules?”

Dika Guis – A force of nature

The showcase this month comes from Dika Guis who has contributed some great work to Untold Stories over the past few months. In this showcase she gives us an insight into the range of feedback she is looking for, a call-out for a writing partner and another piece of her work to read and review.Continue reading “Dika Guis – A force of nature”

Nuberu..or How to eat an elephant

This week’s Showcase comes from Jeremy Plumptre. On a rainy day in Devon, many years ago, I had finished my English classes for the term. I was talking to my boss, a Spaniard, who suggested I looked for work in Spain. Why not? I thought. My knowledge of Spain was scanty……I imagined dusty empty plains, swirlingContinue reading “Nuberu..or How to eat an elephant”

Cal Howman – What a bloody cheek

Cal Howman was born and brought up in Chester, now living back there after 20 years on the west coast of Cumbria.  Retired Company Pensions Manager, married to Rob.  Favourite things include northern Spain, sea swimming, yoga, good food and wine eaten outside with good friends and listening to a wide variety of music. What A BloodyContinue reading “Cal Howman – What a bloody cheek”

Colin Lyne – Rabbits

Colin Lyne: I first arrived in Gijón on an ALSA coach. That was many years ago. I’d never heard of Gijón or Asturias before the previous week.  My first impression was not favourable. It was a Saturday afternoon and I wandered around, rucksack on my back, wondering how the heck I’d ended up in aContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Rabbits”