Challenges 500-1250 words. Poetry as appropriate to style. If you are wanting it to be published on Untold Stories, please forward it in a word compatible format to Alternatively, send a link to your own site or blog and I will publish that.

Comments on submissions are encouraged. Name the author at the beginning of your comment.

September 2021

Challenge 1.

Time: A story or poem that involves time – in any construct.

Challenge 2.

The phone call: A story or poem that is based on making or receiving a phone call.

August 2021

Challenge 1.

Colour: Use the prompt of colour or colours for the inspiration for a short story or poem.

Challenge 2.

Truth, dare, kiss or promise – interpret all or part of this well known party game phrase to write a short piece or poem that reveals something about you or your character’s past.

July 2021

Challenge 1.


Challenge 2.

A cabin on the beach

June 2021:

Challenge 1.

I’m afraid you might like this…

Scary, unsettling, eerie, spooky, disturbing, ghostly, alarming, creepy…The theme of the first June challenge is fear. There are a thousand ways to interpret this one. From a traditional ghost story to a piece that delves into our innermost fears. You might want to check out some of the great writers of this genre to get you in the mood: M.R. James, Roald Dahl, Stephen King…or many more.

Hopefully we’ll all have a few uneasy moments this month reading everyone’s contributions!

Challenge 2.

Shoes  – best foot forwards

Sometimes if the topic is very specific it helps us focus. The second option for June is a story connected with shoes. There are still plenty of choices of which type of shoe to write about (and, of course, boots, sandals or flip-flops will do just as well!).

May 2021:

Write a short story or poem that interprets the following phrase:

Live the life you love, love the life you live.

This phrase can be interpreted in many ways, it might be something you or a character aspire to? It could serve as motivation to those fleeing from trouble and strife. It might summarise the changes a person has made in their life, for better or worse? The options are up to you. Be as creative as you wish, push your boundaries and try new ideas. As an additional challenge, if you manage to incorporate the phrase in your writing, you will earn extra kudos. Fiction or fact, we welcome both.

Or on the theme of:

Back to nature

Once again, the possibilities are endless, take risks, be inventive and interpret this how you see fit.

April 2021:

The challenge this month will be freestyle. In other words, write 500-1000 words in any style and without the restriction of a writing prompt from Untold Stories. Those who participated in the recent Friday flash fiction challenge to write an opening line to a story, might want to consider using their contribution as their very own writing prompt? Alternatively, your writing might come from an idea that has been lingering in the recess of your mind for some time or triggered by events that have happened of late. Your submission can be in English or your first language. It can be poetry or prose, factual or fiction.

March 2021:

1.An error of judgement.

2. An introductory letter to a new pen pal or penfriend. (amigo por correspondencia/carta)

3. Either using the photograph below or one of your own, tell the story of the photograph (please ensure you own the copyright or it is covered by a creative commons license). Please include the photograph (jpeg) with your written submission.

Photo 1

February 2021:

  1. A memory from early childhood
  2. From the heart – something or someone you are passionate about
  3. A piece beginning – As we entered the tunnel

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