April Freestyle Submissions

Submissions from the April Freestyle 2021 challenge: I hope you enjoy them. If possible it would be useful if you could read the submissions, provide constructive feedback to the author and make any general comments over on our Facebook page or if you comment below, please tag the author and title. Jeni Martinez – Beginner’s MindContinue reading “April Freestyle Submissions”

Nuberu..or How to eat an elephant

This week’s Showcase comes from Jeremy Plumptre. On a rainy day in Devon, many years ago, I had finished my English classes for the term. I was talking to my boss, a Spaniard, who suggested I looked for work in Spain. Why not? I thought. My knowledge of Spain was scanty……I imagined dusty empty plains, swirlingContinue reading “Nuberu..or How to eat an elephant”

What is a short story?

This month I am delighted to announce that Bridget Whelan has given me permission to reproduce some of her articles and blog posts here on Untold Stories. Bridget and I have been in contact for a number of years through social media but like so many in similar situations, we have never met, but I hope toContinue reading “What is a short story?”