Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard

Joel first noticed it Monday on his way home from school. He’d been kicking lumps of concrete along the weed choked path behind the shops, and muttering dark retributions under his breath. ‘It wasn’t my fault. I was chucking it into the bin. How could I know Miss Evans would walk in at that moment.’Continue reading “Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard”

The Embroidered Flowers

A good friend of Untold Stories, Una Hosey, has put together a selection of her short stories and poems and published via the self-publishing route. Here you can read one of her stories and find a link to her book for purchase on Amazon. The Embroidered Flowers: A compendium of short stories and even shorterContinue reading “The Embroidered Flowers”

What is a short story?

This month I am delighted to announce that Bridget Whelan has given me permission to reproduce some of her articles and blog posts here on Untold Stories. Bridget and I have been in contact for a number of years through social media but like so many in similar situations, we have never met, but I hope toContinue reading “What is a short story?”

Introducing: Ann Pearce

Introducing another of our members, Ann Pearce who discovered a hoard of beautiful and poignant poetry by her late father. In 2006 my father moved from Essex to Sale in Cheshire in order to be near the family.   Needing constant care he finally agreed to be nearer to us all.  During the packing ofContinue reading “Introducing: Ann Pearce”