Britta Benson – About time / The phonecall

About time Time makes a strange bed fellow and the most fickle of companions. How is it even possible that we’re in September 2021, when my heart and soul are still not so patiently waiting for spring 2020, my fiftieth birthday? Did I blink? Did I miss something? Thunderstorms are in the offing this morning.Continue reading “Britta Benson – About time / The phonecall”

Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach

I do no harm. I simply want to be. I mind my own business and always look out to the sea. My gaze is fixed towards the waves, rolling in and out, close and closer. I can lose myself in their rhythm. Sometimes, at spring tides, the water’s greedy fingers reach out all the wayContinue reading “Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach”

Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration

I’ve heard about women who hide new shoes from their husbands. A friend of mine makes it an ingenious habit and calls this behaviour her one little flaw. She shows off expensive designer products, bought by the uncontrollable desire of a whim. Pretty, impractical fashion choices, often regretted as soon as unwrapped back home andContinue reading “Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration”