Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach

I do no harm. I simply want to be. I mind my own business and always look out to the sea. My gaze is fixed towards the waves, rolling in and out, close and closer. I can lose myself in their rhythm. Sometimes, at spring tides, the water’s greedy fingers reach out all the wayContinue reading “Britta Benson – The innocence of the cabin on the beach”

Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration

I’ve heard about women who hide new shoes from their husbands. A friend of mine makes it an ingenious habit and calls this behaviour her one little flaw. She shows off expensive designer products, bought by the uncontrollable desire of a whim. Pretty, impractical fashion choices, often regretted as soon as unwrapped back home andContinue reading “Britta Benson – Mum’s Shoes – A Celebration”