Charlotte Blythe – Our Time

Time to go slow, to watch, to grow,Time to re-access, to ‘think over’ to know.To find a way of being, to go forward, to ‘be’To stand still, to breathe.  Time to be free.To run with the wind. Feel the sun on your face.To rediscover, to create. Smell the roses, bake the cake.Take your time, rest theContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – Our Time”

Charlotte Blythe – A chat with Little Fawn

“WE are colour” she said. “We are every colour that you have ever seen and many that you have not. We are pastel shades, and gem hues. We are bright and clear colours. We are dark and cloudy. We are prisms. Sparkling in the sun and reflecting in the cool of the moonlight. All ofContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – A chat with Little Fawn”

Charlotte Blythe – Silk ribbons and pink satin

The wad of lambs wool was still slightly oily, rancid smelling and fibrous as I ran it through my fingers. The buffer between flesh, bone and wood. This was the toe bloc, carved as an oval to support the toes.  The midsole or shank was hard and ran the length of the shoe. Designed toContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – Silk ribbons and pink satin”