Colin Lyne – Red House

A trail of white smoke floats up from the chimney of the Red House and, just above the tallest of the eucalyptus trees in the valley, forms a thin, almost motionless, cloud. It’s only four o’clock but the pale sun is already hiding below the hill opposite the house. In the corner of the vegetableContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Red House”

Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin

So, this is how it all ends. In my very own haunted house on the coast.  The wealthy have always loved understatement. “Wharf Cabin” is in fact a rambling nineteenth century affair. Like most of the houses here, it’s made of wood, so in that respect I suppose you could say that the millionaires ofContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Wharf Cabin”

Colin Lyne – Rabbits

Colin Lyne: I first arrived in Gijón on an ALSA coach. That was many years ago. I’d never heard of Gijón or Asturias before the previous week.  My first impression was not favourable. It was a Saturday afternoon and I wandered around, rucksack on my back, wondering how the heck I’d ended up in aContinue reading “Colin Lyne – Rabbits”