Ian Hicken – Iris, eyes and ayes

Siblings Pauline, Patricia, Pam, Peter and Lance sat in silence around the kitchen table. Peter pulled at his expandable gold coloured watch strap, twanging it gently on his wrist. Lance kept his gaze firmly on the dripping tap as it plopped endlessly into a cup of ever weakening cold tea left in the sink. PamContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Iris, eyes and ayes”

Ian Hicken – Lot 236

The venue was the conference room at the Palace Hotel. Regimented rows of chairs formed blocks of seating on either side of the room. A wide aisle led to a rostrum emblazoned in stylish, royal blue lettering; ‘Arnold and Pryce Auctioneers’. The room was filling up fast. Some chose to stand to the sides, clutchingContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Lot 236”

Ian Hicken – Ghosts and Ghouls

A Distant Goodnight The stage was empty, the curtains closed and the props neatly stacked. All but the dressing room and the back stairs were in darkness and shadows. Most of the actors and stage hands had left soon after taking off costumes and tidying sets. Betty, just back from a week’s holiday and justContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Ghosts and Ghouls”

Ian Hicken – Breaking rules?

In this showcase I want to feature three of my own short pieces of writing. In a world where the ratio of commercially successful writers to that of hobby writers is insignificant, and where convention is increasingly being challenged, I like to experiment with my writing. I like to push the boundaries and experiment withContinue reading “Ian Hicken – Breaking rules?”

Welcome to Untold Stories

You have probably landed here via the Facebook Group – Untold Stories. My name is Ian Hicken. I have always written since I was a young boy when I would write and perform plays for my family and friends at gatherings and on special occasions. I enjoyed English literature at school and continued writing throughoutContinue reading “Welcome to Untold Stories”