Jacqueline Vincent – Auntie’s Legacy

“It’s fine, auntie won’t know and anyhow, what’s the point of having a beach-hut if we can’t use it?” said Libby, rummaging in her enormous bag. The one mum and dad brought back from their trip to Acapulco. A lurid green and yellow stripe with a pink umbrella printed on the front.“But, Libby. Suppose sheContinue reading “Jacqueline Vincent – Auntie’s Legacy”

Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard

Joel first noticed it Monday on his way home from school. He’d been kicking lumps of concrete along the weed choked path behind the shops, and muttering dark retributions under his breath. ‘It wasn’t my fault. I was chucking it into the bin. How could I know Miss Evans would walk in at that moment.’Continue reading “Jacqueline Vincent – The Mogard”