Dika Guis – A force of nature

The showcase this month comes from Dika Guis who has contributed some great work to Untold Stories over the past few months. In this showcase she gives us an insight into the range of feedback she is looking for, a call-out for a writing partner and another piece of her work to read and review.Continue reading “Dika Guis – A force of nature”

May Challenge Submissions

Please find below the submissions in response to the May writing challenges: 1. Live the life you love and love the life you live 2. Back to nature Stories will be published as received throughout the month. Please provide feedback and/or comments to the author in the leave a reply form at the foot ofContinue reading “May Challenge Submissions”

May Challenge

Welcome to the May writing challenge. This is not a competition. The writing prompts are designed to stimulate our imaginations and to nudge us all into writing more so that we can develop our writing/storytelling skills. Your writing can be taken from real-life experiences, totally made up or, a mix of the two. There areContinue reading “May Challenge”