Mick Plumptre – The sausage roll game

    Little Jacky Pontin  sat on the lawn of her parents house hugging her legs. Her chin resting on her knees, big bright eyes wide and  shining with delight, she chattered away to her mother who was hanging out a pile of washing. This was the time she enjoyed most . Now nine years old  JackieContinue reading “Mick Plumptre – The sausage roll game”

Mick Plumptre – The pigeon that came to tea

THE PIGEON THAT CAME TO TEA The sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might .He did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright. And this was not at all odd as it was the middle of a hot sunny afternoon. My brother, myself and our skipper Mike DoddContinue reading “Mick Plumptre – The pigeon that came to tea”