Charlotte Blythe – Our Time

Time to go slow, to watch, to grow,Time to re-access, to ‘think over’ to know.To find a way of being, to go forward, to ‘be’To stand still, to breathe.  Time to be free.To run with the wind. Feel the sun on your face.To rediscover, to create. Smell the roses, bake the cake.Take your time, rest theContinue reading “Charlotte Blythe – Our Time”

Introducing: Ann Pearce

Introducing another of our members, Ann Pearce who discovered a hoard of beautiful and poignant poetry by her late father. In 2006 my father moved from Essex to Sale in Cheshire in order to be near the family.   Needing constant care he finally agreed to be nearer to us all.  During the packing ofContinue reading “Introducing: Ann Pearce”